Hope is something people look towards when they feel fear. It stands for, “Hold On Pain Ends.” Hope essentially trumps fear. It’s like Lucifer falling from heaven, looking up at humanity’s beacon of hope. Hope. It was something I clung on to. I grasped it in my hand and refused to let it go because without hope what is there? Hope was something to look forward to. It was always there for me in my time of need and you know what? If life wants to bring me down, it better try harder because it will not get to me as long as I have hope.



You lifted me up when I was falling.

You gave me hope when I was giving up.

You stayed even when I pushed you away.

You made me laugh while I cried.

You hugged me even when I punched you to let go.

You said you loved me even when I said I hated you.

You were the one who gave me a reason to keep fighting.

Author’s Note: This was kinda a random poem. This isn’t even that good, but it’s something right.

Finish the Prompt #5

The darkness was thick and suffocating, like a heavy blanket had been thrown on the world. He had to get over the wall, had to get across the border before they caught him and use him as a ginny pig like the rest of his friends. He wouldn’t let them do that to him, he was just as human as they were. He kept running, ignoring the fire in his lungs. “Once you’re over that wall, that’s it. It’s over.” He encouraged himself.

It wasn’t his fault that he was different from the rest, it wasn’t his fault he was special. There was other like him, at least there was. They were all killed at the laboratory he was forced to go to. As a matter of fact, today was the day he was suppose to be tested on, that test that killed everyone. Lucky for him, something set off the alarm and he managed to escape. He promised his friends who died at a young age that he would get out of that place and live his life beyond that prison.

Sirens were ringing behind him. He picked up his pace. There it was, the wall! “Yes!” He ran faster than before, held his breathe and jumped over the fifty feet tall brick wall. As soon as his feet hit the ground on the other side, he feel and laughed in happiness. “Free! I’m finally free!”

*Underlined sentences belong to Piccadilly (USA) Inc.

Finish the Prompt #4

It flashed through the sky and then was gone. Lucy was sure she had seen a UFO and was equally sure aliens were here to secretly make contact with a human being. Maybe they would choose her. Maybe she would get to visit their ship. Maybe she would be able to go explore the galaxy or would be named their new queen.

Yeah, like that would really happen. I told her she was full of it. Aliens don’t exist, that’s just a myth and even if they do wouldn’t the government say something about it? It’s been at least five weeks since Lucy’s “UFO sighting” and everything was still normal, until one night.

I woke up and couldn’t remember how I got to where I was. All I remember is walking home at night from the gym and a bright white light turned on above my head. I thought it was some prank at first but something hit me from behind. I got up from where I was laying down and I took in my surroundings. The room was completely white, and it had no windows. There was a door in front of me so I went and to my surprise it was unlocked. I walked outside into a gray hallway and was confronted by a tall, handsome boy who looked around my age. He didn’t say anything so I decided to speak up.

“Um, hi. I was just wondering, where the am I?” I tried to ask without my voice shaking. After I finished my sentence, he got down on one knee and bowed his head down. “My queen.” Was all he said. “I need to start listening to Lucy more often.”

*The underlined sentences belong to Piccadilly (USA) Inc.

Finish the Prompt #3

Until that day, fear had been an idea, a concept. Now it was real: a feeling I would carry inside me for the rest of my life. The day began innocently enough, with a scream echoing throughout the sleeping neighborhood. My entire family and I all went outside to complain to the teenagers that were always pulling pranks on us but, instead we witnessed something that I will never forget. A walking corpse, eating the flesh of a screaming woman. I turned around and there were hundreds of them, walking on the surface. All I heard was their moans and the ripping of flesh being teared from the people that I grew up with. I was filled with nothing but fear; I couldn’t move, I couldn’t help anyone. I didn’t.

Instead I ran. I ran as fast as I could back inside the some what safety of my home. I grabbed the emergency backpack my used-to-be-alive mother created and got into the car. I started the engine and rammed through the garage door, driving over the walking dead. I didn’t look back, I kept driving as far away as I could away from those things. I drove until I ran out of gas, and once I did I didn’t hesitate to grab my bag and just keep moving.

It’s been over three years since that day happened and I am still miraculously alive. I’ve figured out how to kill those things and I’ve lost count of how many I’ve killed after 1,023. I thought that I would make it through this, I thought that I would never have to feel the pain that my family did, but I was wrong. It jumped at me when I wasn’t looking. When it bit me, I knew that it was the end. I knew that there was no going back. Instead of fighting it, I just let it eat me. I couldn’t scream in agony because I felt no pain. I thought, now I wouldn’t have to live here anymore, I can finally be with my family. I’m gonna see them soon enough now. I can already see white blur my vision. I closed my eyes. I’m not afraid anymore.

*Wow this was very dark. I think I’ve been watching too much Walking Dead. All underlined sentences belong to Piccadilly (USA) Inc.

Finish the Prompt #2

Reporters are trained to develop a sixth sense, a nose for when a story smells fishy. And something about this one wasn’t right. First of all, I was told to interview the quiet girl. The one who always sits in the back of the classroom, does what she’s told and the one who always has her nose in a book. I thought she was weird. She doesn’t sit with anyone during lunch. She quietly gets her lunch from the cafeteria and disappears into one of the many classrooms. I used to never notice her, not until I had to interview. When I asked her if it was okay for me to interview, I was shocked to learn that she knew my name. I felt ashamed because I didn’t know hers, so how did she know mine? While asking her the questions I was assigned, I learned so many things about this mysterious girl.

She always wears jeans, never wears makeup because she would rather get those few extra minutes of sleep in the morning, she loves creative writing, has at least six journals with barely anything written inside of them, and she reads to improve her writing. Did I mention that she’s writing a novel? I never thought a person could be so interesting.

We have a lot of things in common, but we also are very different, but that’s okay since we both like to try out new things. I’m actually very glad that I was assigned that assignment, because if I wasn’t, I would not have met her. Ever since I interviewed her, I always made time to talk to her and throughout the years we grew closer and closer together. She’s been my best friend for the past nine years and counting. Now in about five minutes or so she won’t be called my best friend anymore, for now I can call her my beautiful wife.

*Once again the underlined does not belong to me, all credits for this prompt goes to Piccadilly (USA) Inc.

Finish the Prompt #1

I’ve lived in this town my whole life, and most of the time that’s fine by me. But in late fall when the sky fills with birds migrating south for winter, traveling thousands of miles, I get homesick for places I’ve never been. Places like Paris, France where the tall Eiffel Tower stands proud. Or even the legendary island, Neverland, where children never grow up and the place mermaids live. Every day I sit in the same chair, same room, same house, same everything. I never complain about my home, in fact I never come out of my room. This is the place where I grew up; where all of my memories were taken place. But honestly I want to go out and see the world. I want to experience things that I haven’t before. I want to run in an open field, swim in the ocean and I want to fall in love. Even though I love my little cage and everything inside it, I want to spread my wings and fly. No reason to stay, is a good reason to go right?

Author’s Note: The underlined sentences in this short story does not belong to me. All credits go to Piccadilly (USA) Inc. I got this prompt from one of their amazing Complete the Story journals. I am absolutely in love with mine, I’ve had it for quite some time (I barely write in it since I’m still in school) and it really helps me with writing. If you want to practice writing I highly recommend you go to Barnes and Nobles, or any other book store that may have in this stock and purchase it. It really helps!

I wanted to apologize for not posting anything for quite some time. I have been working mostly on my novel, so I have not written any short stories yet. I do have a couple waiting to be posted in my journal, so hopefully they will be up by the end of this week. I am sorry once more, but I promise more will be up soon!

The Other Side of Me

Darkness. Darkness was the last thing I saw. I can’t remember how I got here, but the bigger question is, where’s here? My eyes began to adjust. I see a figure approaching out of the shadows. I squint, trying my best to make out who it could be. All the while my mind was screaming, what the hell is going on?

I saw myself, but I was different. Perfect. I guess that was to make up for the decaying heart that must have existed in her. I refused to call it me. It wasn’t me; it was my worst nightmare trying to deceive me. Black eyes, translucent skin, hair looked to be dripping but no water showed, and fingernails sharp as blades. She looked a me, smiling like a psychopath. I looked at her, horrified.
Do you know who I am?” She, or whatever that thing was, asked. I stayed silent not daring to speak. Her scary smile grew wider, signaling she sensed  my fear. “I’m the other side of you…”

While laughing manically, she jumped in front of my face and once again, I saw darkness.

Star Gem

Both soldiers tried and hungry continued on their journey to find the legendary Star Gem. Legend states that if one was to hold the gem in their hands, that person would have immense power at their disposal, no matter who the person may be.

After three long weeks of fighting and walking, they finally arrived to the Cave of Darkness, where this precious gem is being held and protected. “Come on. Only a little more further until we get that gem and prove to everyone that the legend is true!” The leader of the journey said. Each man smiled at each other and started, not walking, but running towards the cave.

Before they could even go within 5 feet of the cave, a blot of white lighting struck down before them, causing them to fly backwards. After getting back on their feet, they looked up and saw a ghost like figure coming out of the black smoke.

The figure’s face was hidden by a hood, and the rest of it’s body was covered with a long gray cloak. In its hand, grasped a long, sharp blade ready to be covered in blood of its next victim. Both men looked at the figure with their mouths agape.

“Thou shall not pass for the slumbering beast shall awaken from its internal sleep.” The ghost said in a deep, raspy voice.

“We are here for the Star Gem! Let us pass spirit!” “I have looked upon soldiers like you two and none of them have returned back from the cave… alive. Leave now, while you still have your souls.” The spirit said warning the two men.

“We are not those soldiers you have looked upon. We are trained and we face death every day! We are not afraid of anything! Let us pass now! We have traveled too far from our homes, and we will not returned unless the gem is in our possession!” The second soldier said.

“You have all been warned. If you wish to continue onto your journey only one of you foolish flesh bags shall enter. Chose wisely.” Both men looked at each other and the leader stepped forward. “I shall enter.” The leader said while bowing his head. “Do expect that death will taketh you to the gates of hell.”

The spirit moved slowly out of the leader’s way. He straighten his back and walked into the cave, with his sword drawn. When his figure disappeared into the darkness, the spirit looked up into the sky. “For Hera have mercy on him and may I pray that his death is painless.”