Disney DIY Shoe Box Paintings

Supplies Needed:

-The top of a shoe box

-Acrylic Paint; any color

-A print out of Auora’s crown and/or Cinderella’s shoe

-A Silver sharpie/market



-Step 1: Paint your shoe box top with whatever color you want, I chose pink for the Sleeping Beauty one and blue for the Cinderella one.

-Step 2: After the paint is completely dry, take your print out of Auora’s crown and center it on top of your shoe box. Trace the print out on your top with a pencil.

-Step 3: After you have traced on your designs, you can take whatever color paint you prefer, I chose to go with gold for the crown, and paint! For the Cinderella top, I just printed out a silhouette of her shoe, cut it out with an X-acto knife, and glued it on since I didn’t have any black paint during the time I created this project.

-Step 4: After all of your designs have dried, take your silver marker and write the word Dream (Auora’s) and Wish (Cinderella’s). And your done!


*I did not come up with this project, I actually found something very similar to this on Pinterest except it was made out of glass and done by a professional. They were on sale for $20 per square and I was like, “I can easily make that with the things that I have at home!” I hope you guys like this DIY project as much as I do!


Quote Picture Frame

*I wouldn’t even call this a DIY Project since it’s super easy and affordable.

Supplies Needed:

-A small picture frame

-A print out of your favorite motivational quote


-Step 1: Cut out your quote to fit inside your frame. Pop it inside, close it, and you’re done! IMG_0844.jpg

*I actually found this frame sitting around my house and since it had a butterfly on it I decided to use a butterfly inspirational quote and I love it so much! Plus this project took me not even five minutes!

Part of That World Picture Frame

*If you love the Little Mermaid then this project is just for you!!

Supplies Needed:

-Empty picture frame

-X-acto knife/ board

-Silhouette of Ariel

-Print out of the lyrics to Part of That World (Make sure that it fits inside your size frame)

-Mod Podge


Step 1: Use your X-acto knife to cut out the silhouette of Ariel. *Take your time on this part cause to me it was a bit difficult to cut out perfectly.

Step 2: Put your print out of Part of That World inside your picture frame and close it

Step 3: Position Ariel to where you would prefer her to be and Mod Podge the silhouette to your frame. And you’re done!


*I am absolutely in love with the way mine turn out! I actually saw a picture of a similar project like this on Pintrest and I just had to try it out! Hope you like it!

Post It Holder

*When making this project I would recommended you to refer to the picture at the bottom whenever you are confused. I am still learning how to properly give the instructions for my projects. I tend to be very bad at explaining things so I apologize if at any point you are confused.

Supplies Needed:

-An empty spaghetti box





-ScrapBoxing Paper

-Extra Cardboard (Optional)


-Step 1: Take your pad of sticky notes and measure how tall your box will need to be. Mark where you need to cut by using a sharpie and a ruler.

-Step 2:  After you have cut off your top, measure how much of the box you wish to cut in the front for your opening. (I cut about an inch off)

-Step 3: Finally take your beautiful scrapbooking paper and glue it onto your box for decoration!

Step 4: *This step is optional, but if you have those really small sticky notes you use for tabs then you can take a small piece of cardboard, cut in into a mini holder and hot glue it to the front of your organizer.



These last few posts were super simple and easy DIYs, but these are the first DIYs I’ve ever done, so I wanted to post those first and then start updating the new ones I have done. I promise you, even though these projects are super small, they are great for organization and they give your room a pop of color! I love every single one I’ve done. I actually made these two years ago, and I still use them today. They are long lasting and they are a great use if your desk is ever messy or if you just want to give your desk a cute makeover!

Eraser Holder: Organization Hack

-Supplies Needed:

-Mini pie crust pan (If you’ve ever had a mini pie that’s what I’m talking about)

-Spray paint (Recommended)

-Small Erasers


-Step 1: Spray paint your pie can and wait over night for it to completely dry

-Step 2: Fill your tin with erasers and you’re done!


*I didn’t spray paint my tin because I didn’t have any spray paint. I would definitely recommended that you spray paint it though, because you can give this cute little mini pie crust pan a new life! You can try to use acrylic paint, but I don’t know if the paint will flake off.

Pineapple Highlighters: Organization Hack

*The name of this project is super cheesy, but I still love it! This is a not-even five minute project. I did this at two o’clock in the morning and it still looks great!

Supplies Needed:

-Medium size jar -or- Mason Jar

-Bracelet beads



-Step 1: Fill your jar with different colored beads

-Step 2: Place your highlighters in the jar, and you’re done!


*Super easy! I know. But it looks so cute and it’s another way to spice up your desk while keeping it clean!

Mason Jars: Organization Hack

*This DIY was one of the best projects I have ever done. It really helps keep my desk nice and clean and it’s super duper easy to make!

Supplies Needed:

-3 Mason Jars (You can have more but I prefer to use only three)

-Hot glue gun

-Paint/paint brushes (Optional)


-Step 1– (This step is completely optional. You don’t have to do this step, it’s totally up to you!) Paint your mason jars with whatever color acrylic paint. I recommended at least three coats. Let paint dry in between layers.

-Step 2– Stack your jars so they form a pyramid shape.

-Step 3– Once you have your jars they way you would like, take your hot glue gun and glue the jars together. And it’s that easy!


*In my Mason Jars I put pencils, pens, some of my drawing pencils, lead, and little stuff so I can have as much surface space on my desk as possible. I think this is one of the best hacks I found, because it really keeps my desk clean, and it looks super cute!

Glitter Mason Jar

*I know that this is a over done DIY project, but this was one of my first projects so I decided to use this one as my first post! I am very sorry that I couldn’t do in between shots of this project. This project was made a long time ago (before I created this blog).

Supplies Needed:

-Mason Jar

-Any color acrylic paint/ paint brush

-Painter’s tape

-Mod Podge



-Step 1: First paint your mason jar. You are going to need a couple of coats of paint, mine took about three coats. *Make sure you let the paint dry in between coats!!

-Step 2: After you have finished painting the mason jar, take your painters tape and create a straight (it’s okay if it’s not.) line around the bottom of the jar.

-Step 3: Take your Mod Podge (It doesn’t matter what kind, I prefer gloss) and add a generous amount of Mod Podge on the bottom part of the jar.

-Step 4: Take your glitter and sprinkle it onto the glue. *I recommended putting a sheet of paper under neath your jar while doing this step so when you take off any excess glitter you can easily put it back in your glitter jar.

-Step 5: While the glue is still wet, slowly peel off the tape to reveal your crisp line. Wait at least two hours for the glue to dry and with more Mod Podge, take a sponge brush and gently apply some on top of the glitter to make sure the glitter is secure.